Solicitation of expressions of interest for a financial advisor to privatize "ELEKTROIZGRADNJA" d.o.o., Bajina basta

07. јун. 2007.
The Government of Serbia (hereinafter: the GoS), has received a Grant from European Agency for Reconstruction (hereinafter: the EAR), to be administered by the World Bank (hereinafter: the WB), to facilitate and accelerate the privatization, restructuring and bankruptcy of the socially- and state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in accordance with the provisions of the Privatization Law as well as the Bankruptcy Law.

The GoS now intends to apply part of this Grant for services to be provided by a Financial Advisor to undertake the privatization of a Company "ELEKTROIZGRADNJA" d.o.o., BAJINA BASTA.
Акционарски фонд

Привредно друштво за производњу бетонских стубова,трафостаница и пратећих елемената за изградњу и одржавање електроенергетских објеката Електроизградња Бајина Башта а.д. Бајина Башта


Бајина Башта


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